Pilates is a rehabilitative form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the core and incorporating full body muscular balance. It can be floor-based, known as Mat, or can use a piece of sled equipment, known as the Reformer. There are many forms of Pilates, and at Rebound we specialize in Stott Pilates.


Stott Pilates is a globally respected, contemporary approach to conventional Pilates that incorporates knowledge of specifically-trained physical therapists and other fitness professionals to create a safe, effective method of exercise. With a specific focus on joint stability and supporting the natural curves of the spine, Stott Pilates continues to grow in popularity as the leading form of Pilates.


With regular performance of Pilates, studies have found the following benefits:

  • Decreased pain and muscle tension in the neck and back

  • Improved posture

  • Increased body and core strength

  • Injury prevention

  • Improved athletic performance


Pilates is an excellent treatment option for all types of patients, whether they want to decrease pain, improve mobility, or enhance performance.

Rebound East provides rehabilitative services by a PT trained in the mat and reformer methods of Stott Pilates. This clinic also holds Mat and Reformer Pilates classes throughout the year.


Please call 907-245-5555 to schedule an appointment with our Pilates specialist or to inquire about our Rebound Pilates classes.