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The treatment philosophy at Rebound is simple: we believe individualized attention from a highly skilled physical therapist leads to quicker recovery, improved quality of life, and excellent outcomes.


Physical therapy at Rebound is exercise-based, with a strong emphasis on strengthening with good alignment and proper mechanics. This attention to detail leads to improved movement patterns, decreased pain, and increased function in our patients.


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Price List for Services at Rebound


Initial Evaluation          (97161 / 97162 / 97163)                   $185

Therapeutic Exercise               (97110)                              $80/unit

Manual Therapy                       (97140)                              $80/unit

Therapeutic Activities               (97530)                              $90/unit

Neuromuscular Re-education  (97112)                              $80/unit

Aquatic Therapy                       (97113)                              $90/unit

Electrical Stimulation                (97014)                              $50/unit   

Ultrasound                                (97035)                              $50/unit

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