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Patients at Rebound West enjoy the low impact, high resistance benefits of performing exercises, walking, and running in the Hydroworx aquatic therapy pool with two built-in underwater treadmills,


The Hydroworx pool allows patients of all ages and abilities to benefit from the joint-saving environment of aquatic physical therapy.


To learn more about aquatic physical therapy at Rebound, click here.


Rebound West is currently staffed by four full time physical therapists and offers both morning and evening appointments five days a week. To learn more about the staff at Rebound West, click here.


Please call Rebound West at 375.5555 to schedule an appointment today.

Rebound West is located  at 1980 W. Benson Blvd, just west of the intersection of W. Benson Blvd and Minnesota. This location allows easy access for patients coming from Turnagain, Spenard, and West High School.

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