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Aquatic exercise is an integral part of Rebound’s comprehensive treatment philosophy. All three Rebound clinics employ aquatic exercise with a variety of patients to reduce recovery time.


Many patients find aquatic physical therapy to be beneficial, challenging, and instrumental to regaining maximal function. Orthopedic issues that can be addressed using skilled aquatic physical therapy at Rebound include:


  • Lower extremity weakness

  • Abnormal gait pattern or difficulty walking

  • Post-surgical lower extremity rehabilitation

  • Acute or chronic low back pain

  • General deconditioning and loss of endurance

  • Lower extremity sprains and strains

  • Osteoarthritis 


The AquaFit at Rebound South


The AquaFit is a unique underwater treadmill system housed within a single-person fiberglass tank filled with heated, chlorinated water. This specialized equipment allows the physical therapist to specifically customize each workout to the optimal level of intensity for every patient.


While many patients enjoy the weight-reducing benefits of aquatic exercise early on in their rehabilitation, the water can also serve as increased resistance to fast walking and running, providing a muscle-fatiguing challenge for even our most active patients and athletes. The many features of the AquaFit are carefully designed to provide each patient with an aquatic experience customized for their individual needs and areas of weakness. 

AquaFit back 2019_edited.jpg

Hydroworx Instafit Aquatic Therapy Pools at Rebound East and Rebound West


The InstaFit pool allows patients of all types to benefit from the low impact environment of aquatic physical therapy. Using the built-in underwater treadmill system, patients are able to improve lower extremity strength, normalize gait, and increase overall activity tolerance and endurance while decreasing wear and tear on ankles, knees, and hips. Additional open pool space creates a safe environment where warm water and buoyancy assist weak muscles and stiff joints to increase range of motion, core strength, and overall function while minimizing any fear of falling or re-injury.

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