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Rebound Physical Therapy offers therapeutic massage services provided by a licensed massage therapist to address pain, swelling, muscle soreness, joint stiffness,

and other complaints.

Please call 341-5555 for more information about scheduling a massage therapy appointment at Rebound South or 375-5555 for an appointment at Rebound West.

Meet our Massage Therapists!













Joshua B. Parker, LMT

Joshua was born in Southern California and grew up between California, Montana, and Washington. Seeking new adventures​, he moved to Alaska in 2011 with his dog Snivels and spent his time managing a local bike and ski shop. An active lifestyle and interest in therapeutic bodywork led him to enroll in the Massage Therapist program at the Alaska Career College. Josh works at the Rebound South clinic.

Joshua is a member of the American Massage Therapist Association and has been working in the Anchorage community since graduation in 2015.  As a therapist, Joshua's sports and orthopedic- driven focus has led to volunteer opportunities such as post-event bodywork with the USA Olympic Rugby team. Additionally, his work in the community and involvement with various outdoor activities has led him to dedicate his work to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Outside of work Joshua enjoys spending time with friends and family, biking, hiking in Alaska's great outdoors, and participating in local events including the Lost Lake Run, The Fireweed, Mayor's Marathon, and the Why Not Tri.   



Herb H Hill III, LMT


Herb was born in Anchorage, Alaska and has lived in Washington state as well. He played basketball and football in middle school and high school, and while growing up, always wanted to work in a career where he could help people. In 2006 Herb tore his ACL and meniscus while playing football, which lead him to focus on a career where he could help people recover from injuries.


Herb moved back to Anchorage, Alaska in 2013 and enrolled in massage school at Alaska Career College. Herb graduated in 2014 and has been loving the career he chose because he is able to help people everyday. He particularly has a passion to help people improve their overall wellness and to rehabilitate injuries. He has been a Massage Therapist for nearly 9 years and works at Rebound West.


Outside of being a massage therapist, Herb is a Husband, a Father to 4 children, and most importantly a Man who has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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