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Cook Inlet Soccer Club 



Rebound is proud to partner with the Cook Inlet Soccer Club, the most comprehensive soccer program in Alaska. CISC offers recreational, pre-competitive, competitive, and select travel playing opportunities to youth players. 


We are excited to join the coaches, athletes, and families of CISC to improve the safety and health of Cook Inlet soccer players of all ages and abilities.  CISC, along with the Alaska Aces and the Glacier Pilots, are local athletic organizations who choose to trust Rebound Physical Therapy to be the official physical therapy provider for their athletes’ injury prevention, in-season care, and long-term rehabilitation.



As a partner with CISC, Rebound hopes to equip the Cook Inlet athletes to enjoy sport and soccer in the healthiest way possible. In pursuit of this goal, Rebound provides hands-on clinics for the CISC coaches designed to improve proper technique during warm-ups, training, and competition in an effort to decrease the incidence of overuse and traumatic injuries. Coaches will learn how to identify and correct faulty movement patterns and poor habits that increase an athlete’s overall risk of injury. In addition, Rebound hopes to grow and improve CISC’s injury prevention resources through further screening, therapist-led training and classes, and educational articles in the CISC newsletter. Rebound is excited to have this opportunity to provide excellent care, support, and education to the players, coaches, and families of CISC. We look forward to continue working together to build a safe, healthy, and strong generation of Alaskan soccer players.




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